Dental Wet Vacuum Pumps

Wet Vacuum Systems

Whendry vacuumsare not a practical option, our line of wet vacuums let you bring the reliable performance of Ramvac to your dental practice. Quiet, compact, and long-lived, they will provide years of trouble-free operation. An optional water recirculator can also help you save water, too!

Barracuda™ Dual Wet Vacuum by Ramvac

Practice with confidence with our dual wet vacuum system. Barracuda by Ramvac incorporates two water-injected pumps in one easily installed cabinet, giving you extra power for periods of high demand as well as backup power in case one pump is down for maintenance or service.

Barracuda™ Single Wet Vacuum by Ramvac

Get the reliable power of Ramvac for your practice with our simple, affordable single water ring vacuum system. Quiet and compact, the Barracuda features Ramvac’s durable construction and thoughtful design to fit seamlessly into your practice. A limited five-year warranty ensures lasting value.